About Us

GFC was founded in 2013 by Beverley A Agbakoba-Onyejianya and is a non-profit organization and social/business networking group created exclusively for women. It began informally in 2013 as a whatsapp group with the aim of providing information and resources to its members. The group focuses on empowering women and creating a support system to enable the ‘GFC woman’ to be the best she can be.

Since its inception it has proved very popular and a means for women to connect on a social and business level. It has helped several members forge new lifelong relationships , connected key business women together and so on.


GFC’s Mission

Provide a social and online platform for like-minded women from different walks of life to share knowledge and empower each other

  • Inspire each and learn from one another
  • Raise important and serious issues that affect women and children in today’s society
  • Play an active part in wider society through works of charity and active volunteering

The acronym GFC stands for Gratia Fidelis Caritas which is latin for Gratitude Loyalty and Charity.

These are the moral principles and tenets which the group stands for.

  • Gratitude for the gift of life and to show appreciation by actively seeking to accomplish and fulfill our purpose in life.
  • Loyalty to all things that we hold dear to us.
  • Carry out Charity work and give back to our communities.